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Ambrose Health Inc established a sourcing company located in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is to deliver efficiently and effectively the goods that people want and deserve. As of now, we are expanding to distribute to the biggest markets in Asia and Western Canada with the primary focus on food, cosmetics, and healthcare products.








As globalization swells and unites the cultures in multiplying societies, the significance of importing foreign trends to Western Canada has been shown for two reasons:

1. Desire for products back home cannot be ignored. Already exposed and proven goods are easily approachable for immigrants and demonstrates the satisfaction that is expected.

2. The Asian trends are beginning to be significantly influential for the Western Society. As interests to certain Asian products grow, we strive to bring in the most intriguing and popular items for the consumers who otherwise do not have a reliable source.


Canada is gifted with raw materials that are unmatched in quality and quantity. 

Unlike manufactured goods, raw materials are essential in every society. 

Exporting Canada-grown materials serve two purposes:

1. As a proudly Canadian sourcing company, we want to be contributive in economically advancing our country.

2. We are confident that the raw goods in Canada can demonstrate competency anywhere across the world. 


From contacting different suppliers and manufactures in every corner of the globe, we were inspired to the intriguing opportunities that are offered by them. 

By consulting manufacturers globally,

we develop new products and find markets for them. Our company is motivated to lead the manufacturing of goods. 

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